Artist, Photographer, Mother

Hello. Thank you for being here. I’m a queer artist located in the Pacific Northwest. This is my place to share ideas, art work, and offerings. Please reach out of you’d like to create something together! Collaborative projects are my sustenance.  

I believe in art + love + magic. This is my mantra for my whole life and good things tend to come out of thinking from there. 

Also super important: Integrity. Wellness. Kindness. Personal responsibility. Dreaming big. Black lives matter. Rest. Safe spaces. Communication. The trees. The birds. All of nature. The power of creativity. Forgiveness. Long baths. Passion. Beach walks. Clarity. Intention. Solitude. Generosity. Boundaries. Building trust. Doing better. Inspiration. Poetry. Telling the truth. Transformation. Boldness. Creative courage. Sharing from the heart. Dancing under the moon. Sovereignty. Partnership. Laughter. Community. Joy. The moon. Consciously wandering. Experiencing aliveness. Deep breaths. Hope.

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Please reach out using the form below if you’d like to chat about stuff ( I’m available for co-created photo projects, one-on-one mentorship, podcast interviews, zoom portraits, and other speaking or teaching opportunities.

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