Zoom Photo Sessions - An Art Project with Runa

The main focus of my work is about connection, telling our deeper human stories, being seen and witnessed. 

We all have parts of ourselves we hide away, or that only come out with “safe” people. We have secrets and fears and worries. We have parts of ourselves that carry so much shame that we hide who we are, sometimes from people we care deeply about. 

And also, we hide truths about ourselves FROM ourselves. I think right now, in the fallout from the pandemic, this is so much louder. The loneliness, the loss of connection and community, people not really seeing who we are and what we are dealing with. Our inability to just be our own company is taking a toll for many. 

So, I’ve decided to do a project that is about telling these stories. It’s about showing up with presence for people – for YOU – so that you can be seen. 

Part of my gift is an ability to hold space for people, to let the scary human side of things exist, to allow people to be exactly who they are – validated and KNOWN. This project is about offering this – to you. A chance for you to let yourself be seen. To show up fully – FOR YOURSELF – and do so in the space that I provide when I create photographs with people. (It’s magic and one of my favorite things to do in this life). 



Here is what is required for you to participate if you feel called to:

  1. Decent internet, access to zoom, and a computer camera, or you can join by phone.
  2. A willingness to dig deeper than we do in day to day life – even just a little bit. I will be asking you to look at yourself, how you’re doing, what’s true about you. You’ll need to bring your bravery – to unveil parts of yourself with me. (I will bring honor and respect and safety).
  3. ~60+ minutes where you can be private while we create our images. In your house, a room, your yard, somewhere with enough space so you can move around and position your camera with my prompts.

Then, the process…

  • First, we will set up a time for us to talk for 30 ish minutes via zoom. A discovery of each other, asking questions to get to know you and what you want witnessed, what you want me to see and treasure about who you are. This conversation, I promise, will lift your soul and have you experience yourself in an empowered way. It will be valuable in and of itself.
  • Then, we may need to do a tour to find the best spot to create in your home or environment.
  • We will make a plan about wardrobe, props, other people, time of day, etc.
  • We’ll then meet on zoom to create – I have flexible availability, so we’ll find a time that works great for both of us.  I will direct you, talk with you, pull it out of you. 30-60 minutes = likely.
  • I will then edit and deliver to you 5-10ish (or more if needed) images that you can use however you’d like.   

This project might look like you dressed to the nines in a character/persona that you feel represents your highest self, you may take off all your clothes and let yourself be seen with nothing in the way, you may want to do the project with your child, or a lover.

The “topic” doesn’t really matter. What matters is telling some of YOUR story – we’ll explore this further when we do our interview.

And that’s the project. 🙂 

Want to create together? Click here to get in touch (pricing starts at $300) – I’ll reach out to set up that first phone call with you. Have questions? Just ask! I’m making this up as I go, trusting that the art I create will be valuable for you.

Hugs, Runa